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19 January 2017


We're halfway through the first month of 2017, and here I am, testing out 2016 favorites - the band tee, and the simple slip dress in this outfit post.

I loved 2016's take on fashion; it made me feel so relevant as I lived through (and participated in!) the first wave of grunge fashion in the 90s. Well, I guess you can say, it made me feel young once again!

So what do you think of the band tee and satin slip dress trends? Have they made it to 2017 in your opinion? 
I appreciate pieces that can be taken apart and styled differently, so it's a resounding yes for me!

About the look
Nirvana Band Tee | Boohoo
Satin Slip Dress | Boohoo
Fur Lined Slip Ons | Zara
Metal Tip Lariat | The Ordinary Co

10 January 2017


Happy New Year everyone! I hope the New Year was a great one for you guys!
With the new year, comes a brand spankin' new beginning for me, and I'm really psyched about what 2017 has in store for me. I'm working on a new project at the moment. and I can't wait to share it with everyone!
But till then, here's my first outfit post of the year!

The kind team over at Shein offered me an item of my picking, and it took me a long time to finally decide on this distressed denim jacket that I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of. While denim isn't the exactly tropic-friendly, the rips in this piece makes it a lot more wearable in our sunny, sunny Singapore.

As a seasoned online shopper, I can safely tell you that Shein's order fulfillment is easily one of the fastest I have encountered, like ever, and yes, I am making the comparison even against local Singaporean retailers. I believe I received my package within 2-3 days, which was a real pleasant surprise!

I had plenty of styling ideas for this denim jacket swirling around in my head, and I decided to go along with this casual luxe look, pairing it up with a satin slip dress, and a pair of velvet booties for a play on textures.

If I had a nickel for every time someone complimented me on these pair of booties, I'd have enough change to get a nice cuppa for myself! This pair of grey RiRi velvet booties were very kindly gifted by the lovely team over at Essex Shoe Store, and I'm not lying - every girl needs one of these in their shoe collection. These babies are versatile enough for everyday wear, but are not too basic, if you get what I mean.
Shop the look
Ri Ri grey velvet boots | Essex Shoe Store
Ultra matte lip in Midi | Colourpop Cosmetics
Hair-styling by Ann Lye, 99 Percent Hair Studio

4 January 2017


2016 has been a year of many changes.. to my hair. I know it sounds dramatic but somehow my blonde hair has formed such a large part of my identity that the thought of having dark hair now just seems somewhat ridiculous. I've got mood hair - my mood changes with the color of my hair. oh wait, is it supposed to be the other way?

So in this year, I have gone purple, rainbow, rose gold/plum, and I'm rounding the year off with a bang in a silver 'do!

Headed back to 99 Percent for some hair-TLC from Ann about a month back and man, does my mane feel and look better than before! We removed some residual pigments from before by, well, actually I don't know how she did it, she just worked her magic on me. To be frank - it wasn't the first time I'd tried to rid the unwanted pigments in my hair - but it was a task no one really wanted to undertake because it involved processes that would very likely damage my hair even further and no one wanted that hair-murder charge on their hands.

If you have bleached blonde hair and you intend to keep it that way -  do yourself a favor and steer clear of red pigments. I kid you not.
And while I'm doling out the advice - please also do not try crushed vitamin C tablets mixed with clarifying shampoo. This is one of many tricks commonly used by beauty YouTubers to remove unwanted pigments from their hair, which, for reasons I cannot comprehend right now, seemed like a pretty good idea in my deranged mind at that time.  I tried that on a lock of hair (Don't judge. I was desperate) and that lock just turned a weird copper color which resembled neither the new nor the base color of my hair, or any color in between. I didn't dare venture any further with that experiment because that lock seemed really dry in comparison with the rest of my hair. Maybe I just had to rinse and repeat till I got all the color out, but I decided (thankfully) that it was not a good day to get my hair fried.

That was a long sidetrack. So. I went in to get my hair did and walked out with trimmed silver-purple hair, very smooth lower arms and a spanking new set of chrome nails. More on this to come.

What we did that day
It was a tall order, but Ann managed to successfully strip the existing color from my hair and lightened it to a platinum blonde, before adding a touch of purple to my roots and silver to the rest of my head so that my hair would eventually fade to a gorgeous and even platinum (which is now materializing! yay!)

I was also gifted a bottle of  Wella Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir, and, man, I tell you, the stuff smells like cough syrup but it worked wonders on my hair. By far, and hands down, the most effective serum I have ever used. I was actually gifted the elixir because I was loudly proclaiming that another salon patron of Ann's had the shiniest and most bouncy, gorgeous curls I have ever seen. (More on this product to come in another post!)

Since I was going to be parked in the salon for a long time, the lovely folks also treated me to a new set of gelish chrome nails which came along with a super exfoliating and luxuriating sugar scrub and yogurt mask,  please note that yogurt mask is not yogurt, and they definitely do not taste the same. I'm talking from experience here. Following the yogurt mask, I got my arms bound in cling wrap and slotted into heated sleeves/pockets which somehow made my butt sweat but I swear my arms have never felt so smooth. I believe they looked a couple of shades fairer too.

As Lunar New Year is approaching, I'm sure many of us are pressed for time to get our act together, which includes looking put together or at least somewhat presentable for when the folks pop by.
I don't have a huge family, and we're not big on visiting so I can never understand the pressure to look good (no annoying aunts and uncles to critique my looks, weight, count my moles, etc) but from what I gather from my girlfriends, the struggle is real. It does not help that salons (both hair and nails) will tend to be booked up closer to the festive season and before you know it, you'll find yourself trying to make those appointments and get stuck with crappy time slots while rushing from one to the other.

Cut your primping time in half by getting your hair and nails done at the same time, and you'll have more time to get your New Year outfits in order!  Nail services are available at both the Orchard, and Bugis outlet, but just give them a call to make an appointment prior because from what I've seen, they are busy, busy bees.

99 Percent Hair Studio
181 Orchard Road #04-10/11,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6238 3667
Mondays - Saturdays
11.00am - 9.00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays
11.00am - 9.00pm

40 Haji Lane, #01-01, Singapore 189233
Tel: +65 6396 3667
Mondays - Saturdays
11.00am - 8.30pm
Sundays & Public Holidays
11.00am - 7.30pm

42 East Coast Rd #01-03 MODA, Singapore 428762
Tel: +65 6702 7062
Mondays - Saturdays
11.00am - 8.30pm
Sundays & Public Holidays
11.00am - 7.30pm

23 December 2016


Fun fact about me. I am a MASSIVE Friends fan. I am that annoying friend who can recite the dialogue alongside the characters while the show is on. Not to brag, but I consistently get full, or close to full marks on Friends' trivia and quizzes, not too sure how that has helped me in life, but. lol.

So I was beyond psyched to read about Central Perk opening up in Singapore. I mean, I have waited too long! To sit on that iconic orange couch and watch reruns of Friends while sipping coffee all day? Could life GET any better? By the way, this is not a sponsored review, well, it was sponsored by my sis who picked up the tab, I guess.

Growing up, my sis and I binge watched Friends during the school holidays. We'd move our sleeping operations to the living room, just so we get to watch all the Friends we wanted on the huge TV, with a comfortable proximity to the kitchen and free access to the refrigerator. That was how much we loved the show - giving up our comfortable beds in exchange for a leather sofa that sticks to your butt when you perspire.

Back to Central Perk SG - I really wanted to give the place a try, but the initial $1,000 membership fiasco left a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. Like, I didn't like how the entire membership idea was presented, even though I kind of understand why such measures may be necessary. In any case, I think being a fan of the show trumped whatever mixed feelings I had about the management, and I'm glad we went down and gave the place a shot.

The Menu
So the aside from the entire set-up, which I LOVED, I was really excited by the items on the menu. The menu was inspired by the characters and food items / ingredients that popped up in one way or another on the show.
P.S. If the cafe owners ever see this, can you please add Monica's fingernail quiche, "mockolate" items, and Rachel's Thanksgiving trifle to your menu, pretty please? And sell us a basket of Ugly Naked Guy's Mini muffins too? And Emma's 'bunny' cake???

I have wondered, for the longest time after the episode aired, how Ross's Thanksgiving leftover sandwich would taste. I mean, the guy literally went all 'Red Ross' on the person who stole his sandwich with the 'moist maker', It had to be good, yes?
So here's my order - Ross's Thanksgiving Sandwich ($18)

I really wish that the sandwich came with the moistmaker- which is supposed to be a slice of gravy soaked bread placed in the middle of the sandwich. The gravy came separately though. To be honest, I didn't quite enjoy this because of the tangy-ness of the tomatoes, it was fine after I picked them off though!

My sis chose the Heart Attack ($15)  - basically stuff found in Mr Green's fridge that left no wonder as to why he had a heart attack. It's basically bacon and cream amongst other things which she said was pretty good, so lets take her word for it!

The Rachel "Green" Salad ($13)  - again, I did not give it a try, but was told that it was pretty decent!

This should be either The Break Up Ice Cream ($12) or The Really Serious Break Up Ice Cream ($14). It's some sort of yogurt-flavored ice cream , and I really enjoyed this because I love love love yogurt, but my niece was a little bit puzzled as to why her dessert looked so savoury. Every bite was a party in your mouth what with the pop rocks sprinkled over the top.

The design / layout
So the cafe was huge, and just off to the side of the entrance was a set up of Monica's iconic kitchen, complete with the purple walls, round dining table and finished off with Phoebe's Ms Pac Man machine! There were little corners allocated to each character, though I really only did capture Phoebe's (not that she's my favorite character though! My faves are Chandler and Ross, hands down)

The stuff I liked
So first things first - with the cafe being a hundred seater, there's no lack of space. Which means possibly zero queuing times on normal days, which was a huge perk for me. I hate queuing, even though it really only just involves me standing at a spot with intermittent moving-along-with-the-queue, I hate it.

Reconstruction of Monica's kitchen, complete with the Ms Pac Man machine gifted by Phoebe!
It was so fun to be able to physically step into Monica's iconic kitchen finally after years of imagining how the place would look irl.

Reruns - After 20 years, Friends is still as funny as the day they aired. I could sit there all day and not get bored. Just arm yourself with a good cuppa and some dessert!

Service - The service crew were really friendly, and that plays so much into creating a happy atmosphere for their patrons. It's kinda like Disneyland! for Friends fans! in Singapore!

Merchandise - There were some pretty awesome merchandise up for sale next to the counter (tees, umbrellas, tumblers, totes), the tees contain popular phrases from the show, and not just the keyart splashed across the front. Trust me, I was so tempted to grab a tee shirt (or two!) for myself. if not for the $50 price tag. These would make a great gift for fans of the series though! (and for your secret Santa if your budget is $50!)

The stuff I didn't like that much
Well, I'm sorry I got to say this, but it was the price. The menu items were pretty pricey for what they were, I mean, simple division would tell you that my sis's Heart attack bacon thingamjigs cost $5 per piece which is honestly ridiculous by normal standards, but bear in mind, you're paying for the licensing of the show as well as the atmosphere. The experience, in my opinion, was worth paying for, and it's pretty damn worth it still, especially if you are a fan.

I do think that the food could have been better, it wasn't by any means bad - I still annihilated my sandwich, but it just wasn't anything to shout about. It could have been because nothing else compared with the excitement of being in Central Perk though!

Well, that pretty much sums up my visit to Central Perk! My sis and I have already declared this our official happy place and we're making plans to go back there someday soon! (and Mrs Braverman's Cheesecake is definitely on the agenda.)

Central Perk SG  (10am - 10pm, closed Mondays)
1 Magazine Road, Central Mall #01-01
Singapore 059567
T: +65 90252524

15 December 2016


Enjoyed a lovely time with the Cointreau ladies once again last week, at Willabelle's Flower Crowns and Cocktail Party at Chop Suey, Dempsey, last week.

Being invited to these awesome Cointreau parties have taught me one thing: that alcohol really does make everything more fun! Though I do think the wonderful company, and the gorgeous setting had a huge part to play as well! Maybe I should try throwing a private boozy zorbing session next time (or basically anything that requires any sort of hand-eye coordination) - it's not so girly, but I'm thinking it will be HILARIOUS. 

All the beautiful flowers, just waiting to adorn our equally beautiful heads. lol.

Flower crown making is serious business. You would think that going with the fake flowers would be the easier option. No. It really isn't, but that does not make it any less fun! So I unadvertently made a huge flower crown by packing my blooms way closer than I should have, so now I have a floral head-dress instead. It's still pretty awesome. Plus I can take it apart and make 2 flower crowns anytime I want!

Thank you once again, Willabelle and Cointreau for the invite to this beautiful party! 

Also, I'd like to extend photo credits to Eric, the photographer covering this gorgeous Cointreau event, for some of the images used in this blog post. I would tag the images individually, but it's causing some major alignment issues which I'm not able to fix at this point of time!

2 December 2016

Beauty Review: Laura Mercier's 2016 Holiday Collection

I feel like sooo blessed this year, and Christmas definitely came early for me!
The lovely folks from Laura Mercier gifted me these incredibly luscious products from their holiday collection and I am one very happy, pampered girl! (Also, I smell so good right now, just from opening the jars of luscious creams!)
If you're scratching your head, looking for a gift for your friend, girlfriend, or mom, or wife (or basically any lady in your life who has good taste), read on for some perfect Christmas gift ideas!
The first item (and my favorite, because these jars are simply too adorable), is the Le petite soufflés soufflé body crème collection (S$102). This limited edition set comprises 6 (did I mention adorable?) mini 60ml  jars of Laura Mercier's soufflé body crèmes in Almond Coconut Milk, Ambre Vanillé, Crème de Pistache, Fresh Fig, Crème Brulee and Tarte au Citron, and is available at all Laura Mercier Departmental Store Counters. The lovely Laura Mercier team gave me a tip off that their Holiday Collection is selling out like hotcakes, so if you intend to purchase this item, do not leave it to the last minute. Yes, this is a PSA: Do not leave your Christmas shopping to Christmas Day. Last minute shopping has never worked out for anyone, #truestory
Sleek and lightweight, the Laura Mercier Going Glam Palette (S$85) packs quite a punch with its quad eye palette of glamorous neutrals, soft pink blush and shimmer gloss. (I'm not too sure if my usage of the term quad is correct, but I'm going by the assumption that quad = 4, so I'm technically correct, yes?) This palette  makes a perfect Christmas gift for the wanderlusting make up junkies in your life - I find myself editing my makeup set quite a fair bit when I travel because the fear of busting the baggage limit is too real for me, and this palette will make that curation a lot easier for my future travels!

You can see the color payoff of the eyeshadow pigments in this image. My girlfriends would know - this is really only a teensy bit of product on my fingertips because I am quite light-handed (understatement) when it comes to makeup. The shadow powders are very fine, and slide on really well on the skin.

Now onto the last set - I really am just showing off here because this item is not available in stores as it's a specially ordered press gift (for me! really!) The Sweet Temptations Ambre Vanille  Luxe Body Collection does not retail in stores in Singapore, but it is too beautiful to not share, well, visually only because I'm keeping this for myself!

The Sweet Temptations Ambre Vanille  Luxe Body Collection comprises the following, and they all smell beyond incredible. 
Ambre Vanille Honey Bath (200 ml)
Ambre Vanille Crème Body Wash (100 ml.)
Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Crème (200 ml.)
Ambre Vanille Eau de Toilette (15ml.) 

To shop Laura Mercier's 2016 Holiday Collection, head on over to any of their locations, listed below. Just remember, tick tock, the clock's a tickin!

Laura Mercier Store Locations

TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 1
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

Takashimaya Departmental Store, Level 1
391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

Robinsons Raffles City, Beauty Hall
252 North Bridge Road, #03-01 Raffle City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Robinsons The Heeren, Level 1
260 Orchard Road
Singapore 238855

28 November 2016


I have been OBSESSED with this pair of boots ever since I saw them on, well, Kim Kardashian, and  was over the moon when I found these babies - the Brylee Clear Perspex Pointed Toe Long Boot for a steal on Public Desire
I mean, realistically speaking, how often am I going to be able to wear this pair of boots without passing out from the heat? I was not prepared to blow a lot of cash on this one, and the great thing was, these were only retailing at £55 with a 20% off for Halloween! (Always search codes before making any online purchases!)

Because I wasn't sure if it would fit my around my leg, I went a size up from my usual shoe size, which proved to be the right choice. These fit me almost perfect, and I like how they kind of crinkle up to look more relaxed and less like some sort of packing material. Took the risk and wore these for the Female GP Finals last week and I was surprised at how comfortable these were - I lasted the whole evening in them! Though I must note, that walking and sitting was made slightly less convenient, but it was a sacrifice I was prepared to make for this stunning boot!
Given how comfortable these are, chances are, you'll be seeing a lot more of them in my outfit posts! By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy shopping with Public Desire because of their wide selection of statement (and affordable) footwear, and so far, my orders have been problem free, so yay!

About the outfit

Guess Denim Jacket | Vintage, thrifted from Bangkok, Jatujak Market
Sixers Jersey | Vintage, thrifted from Bangkok, Jatujak Market
Distressed Denim Shorts | For the love of God, I can't recall, lol
Perspex Long Boots | Public Desire