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23 February 2017


One thing about me, I LOVE online shopping. It's not just about the convenience of stuffing my face with snacks while i sit back  pant-less and just.. click. A large part of why I enjoy online shopping is because I'm pretty much a lone wolf when it comes to shopping. Unlike most girls who shop in packs, I'm usually set out shopping with a clear idea of what I'm looking for, and what I want, so my modus operandi is to just zoom in on what I want, get it, and make a quick getaway.

I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to sussing out new/indie brands, and I love trying out  new products which are sadly, usually not available in Singapore. With ridiculous international shipping rates, and the lack of friends who are as adventurous as I am to split the shipping cost with, I usually end up just abandoning my cart and not getting anything at all. (kudos to Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics for free international delivery, yay!)  This said, I was super psyched to discover Qolourette, a Singapore based online store which stocks internet favorites like Juvia's Place, Morphe, and my newly discovered favorite - Caked. The Qolourette team were super kind, and sent me some of their popular items to test out, and here they are!

These were the liquid lipsticks Qolourette picked out for me. I've never tried Caked, or OFRA liquid lipsticks before, but I was blown away by the quality of these lip colours. I'm not sure if it's obvious, but that's a liquid lipstick bar chart above, with my favorites being the nude pinks/ pink ones from Caked!

These OFRA lipsticks have a really smooth consistency and glided on like butter, giving a really rich colour payoff, and the metallic one, Versailles is just. magic! In comparison, these OFRA ones were less dry than the Caked lip fondants, and felt pretty comfortable on the lips. Laguna Beach (the pink one) is my obvious favourite of this lot, simply because it's pink, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well Manhattan (the deep wine coloured one) complemented my skin tone!

The staying power of the Caked lip fondants, not to be punny, really takes the cake. First up, the lipsticks legit smell like CAKE, and once they go on your lips, they stay on. These dry like paint on your lips, giving a very pigmented and matte finish. I'd say it compares to Colourpop's matte lipsticks in terms of its finish. I'm really loving these two shades that the Qolourette team picked out for me!

Here are all the lip shades, swatched on my arm! If you'd like to see these OFRA / Caked lip swatches, click on the video below to see how these shades fare on medium-light Asian skin!

Thank you again, Qolourette, for sending these babies over!

19 February 2017


A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege of attending Love & Co's launch of the Lovemarque Diamond, hosted by the gorgeous Liv Lo & Henry Golding, at Chijmes and while I can't claim to know much (or anything, actually) about diamonds, it was still an (literally) eye opening evening for me.

Being the first Asian retailer to partner with the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), Love & Co ups the diamond game by adding another C, 'confidence' to the current 4Cs standard of diamond grading. Well, if you don't know (like I didn't know), the current 4Cs are - cut, clarity, colour and carat. What 'confidence' stands for in this case, is the confidence that you're getting a diamond which has passed the most stringent of international diamond grading standards. All lovemarque diamonds bear an additional inscription of Love and Co's exclusive rose hallmark along with IIGDR's unique ID number.

So I attended the event with my dearest gal pal, Xin, and we had a blast that evening, discussing the authenticity of diamonds, its importance to girls, and how the tradition of diamond ring-giving came to be. I guess you can say I'm pretty unconventional, because for me, I'd much prefer receiving my birthstone over a diamond, just because it speaks to me more. Or buy me a car! or a gold bar! (ok I am definitely going off tangent. and budget here.)

In any case, here are some visuals I managed to get of the evening and the runway show!

Sorry about the blurry visuals, looks like I gotta practice shooting live a little more often, eh.
Thank you Touch PR and Love & Co for the invite and the lovely evening!

15 February 2017


So I'm back this week with the second half of my Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Collection review and makeup tutorial! At this point of time, I feel obliged to let you know all that I am (obviously) not a makeup artist, just a regular ol' vainpot who loves experimenting with makeup!

When I was sent this collection, my initial thought was "YES, I LOVE TOO FACED" and I was really excited about receiving the set. Pretty sure the courier guys can attest to that fact as I called them up to check on the delivery status like, countless times. So when I finally got my grimy hands on the set and  cracked it open to see those beautiful pinks and creams, I was honestly so happy, because that is like, my thing, you know?

This palette has ignited my love for warm coppery shades, and now I can't seem to stop shopping for peach based palettes. Just acquired Kylie Cosmetics royal peach palette last night via the website and I can't wait for it to come! My first ever Kylie purchase! 
Back to this palette - I really like 'Friendspiration' , way more than I thought I would! I used to stick to cooler based neutrals and pinks for my eyeshadows, and I can't believe it took me so long to realize that warm neutrals ain't that bad on me at all. Not at all.

This candlelight glow highlighter came as part of the Better Together Cheek & Lip makeup bag set, and I am loving the packaging! This is so freakin adorable and its little size makes it just perfect to throw into your purse for any highlight touch ups!
I can't understand how on earth they made blush so adorable. This just brings me right back to my childhood, and my Polly Pocket-playing days, where I would (ironically) stuff my backpack full with Polly pocket cases (with like all the Pollies missing). Looking at this just makes me sad that I don't have the full sized version, because it's a little hard to dip my blush brush in this little pan, but having said that - I love this shade of pink, it's very, me. (I know I say it like people should understand what I mean, but I really have no other way of putting it across)

So anyway, here's my makeup video of the week, using only the Too Faced side of the palette to create my eye makeup! Do watch it, and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

14 February 2017


I have been obsessed with this shredded denim jacket ever since I laid eyes on it at Topshop last year, and my sis got it for me as a Christmas gift because I was too cheap to shell out the dough for it. In the past, old me would have gotten it in a heartbeat, because I used to shop recklessly, without consequence or any regard for the rapidly shrinking wardrobe space in my home. But new (and improved) me? The new me rethinks each and every purchase before making any decision. I've been sporadically clearing out my wardrobe, a never-ending task actually, and I can't believe how I used to be so disrespectful towards money and just.. things in general. Found myself tossing out heaps upon heaps of clothing with their tags still attached to them, and struggling to find friends in my size who would appreciate them, just so they don't go to waste.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite go-to looks on a casual day - just  my denim cut-offs, a basic top, and my oversized jacket. I guess you can say that there is a formula to my style. Because of my (lack of) height, and non-leanness, I don't really have all that many wardrobe options. It always goes back around to shorts / mini skirts + oversized jacket, and whatever matches within. I guess I should really start rethinking how I put my outfits together. Come up with a new and improved formula or something.

About The Look

Sequin Jacket | Topshop
Denim Shorts | Thrifted
Crop Top | Nakedheart
Choker | Forever21

9 February 2017


Received the Too Faced x Kat Von D Ultimate Eye Collection from Sephora, and I am blown away by the shadows and lipstick in this set. I have never tried Kat Von D before, like ever, so I  surprised myself when I tried the eyeshadows on and found myself really liking the look.
Anyone who's on my instagram would know that I usually stick to pink/peach shades (PLEASE RESTOCK THE SWEET PEACH COLLECTION. PUHLEEEZE. I say this with much urgency.)  and red is far too dramatic for me, but, this look has grown on me and I think I could really get used to it.

Anyways, in this post, I'll be featuring the Kat Von D products that came in the collection, and I'll follow up with the Too Faced side in about a week!

 This Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in XO is the bomb. It has, hands down, trumped ANY OTHER red shade I've ever tried. This bold, red shade has a slight tinge of cherry in it, from what I see, which is somehow super flattering. This liquid lipstick is part of the Better Together Cheek & Lip makeup bag set, which came in a super cute pouch featuring Kat's cat, Piaf on one side, and Jerrod's dog, Clover, on the other.
Also, I can't believe no one has ever told me how awesome Kat Von D tattoo liners are! The applicator makes it really easy to apply (no boo-boos!), and the liner remained pretty much smudge-free the entire time I had it on.

I'm still pretty surprised at how much I love the colors! 
So my favorite shades of the palette are Swoon (the red shade), followed by Lovestruck (the peach shade with gold shimmers). You would think that red would be difficult to pull off on the lids, but nah uh, somehow it isn't! Swoon has a tinge of gold/terracotta to it, and the color payoff is AMAZING. Lovestruck, somehow doesn't show up so well on my skin, so it is pretty subtle on me, which I love!

Anyway, I loved the collection so much, I thought it would be fun to film a makeup video featuring two looks, using each side of the palette. Do give it a watch below, and let me know what you think! Don't forget to hit 'like' and 'subscribe' if you like what you see!

7 February 2017


This faux fur coat is shaping up to be my favorite fashion item of the year so far. I know it isn't the most practical option for me (for obvious reasons) but a fur coat has been on my shopping list for a long, long time. (Fashion over function. Anytime.)
I was beyond psyched with Shein very kindly offered me another item of my choice, and I went straight for this one. This piece is one hell of a stunner - it's got the perfect amount of drama, and I'm completely obsessed with this shade of pink at the moment.

I was initially a little worried that the pink may look different in the flesh,  but nope, it is perfect, exactly how it was pictured on the website.
I went for a *ahem* Kardashian-esque look with this piece, pairing it with a nude Topshop lace up bodysuit that I got off Zalora, my ripped Boohoo jeans, and completed the look with this faux crystal choker I picked up at Forever 21. (which by the way, stocks an insane amount of choker designs) 
The clear frames were very kindly gifted by ZeroUV. If you have not heard about them - they're an online eyewear retailer, and they have an amazing (and very up to date) collection of frames up on their site. If you have a particular design in mind, chances are, you'll find it in stock at ZeroUV! 

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Faux fur coat | Shein
Lace up bodysuit | Topshop via Zalora
Ripped jeans | Boohoo
Choker | Forever 21
Clear frames | ZeroUV

1 February 2017


It's the lunar new year, but the only red thing in my outfit is this pair of awesome frame-less shades. I know, I'm not one for tradition, but if you think about it - everything else I see is red.. so. . I don't know where I'm going with this, does it make sense yet?

Anyway, I have been lusting over a pair of frame-less tinted shades like these red ones for a long time, but they're somehow always sold out when I get to them! This pair is perfect, exactly what I've been searching for, and the zeroUV team were kind enough to gift this to me along with a few other pairs that I got to pick out from the website.
This outfit is my take on the feminine x military look that pops up every once in a while in fashion, and I must say, I'm loving this juxtaposition of ruffled lace and camouflage.  To showcase just how horrible of a fashion hoarder I am, this top was purchased from Topshop, I believe, 10 years ago.
I know. My wardrobe is in serious need of an overhaul.

Received this fun patch clutch from Missco Girl, an online retailer based in Canada which stocks some really cute and fun bag styles. I've been pretty crazy about patches lately, but each and every 'patch plan' of mine has come to naught simply because those damn patches don't come cheap. I guess this clutch came at a good time for me! I can now shelf those patch plans for good now!

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Top | Topshop (from ages ago)
Jacket | Boohoo
Skirt | Something Borrowed, Zalora
Shades | zeroUV
Clutch | Missco Girl